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Hydrovac vs. Air Excavation: Comparing Two Non-Destructive Methods

By Hydrovac Calgary   |   Hydrovac Excavation   |   0 Comments   |   31 October, 2023   |   0

When undertaking an excavation project, it's important to use a method that gets the job done without causing damage to surrounding infrastructure. Two popular non-destructive excavation methods are hydrovac and air excavation. Both offer safe and effective ways to dig without harming buried pipes, cables, and


The Future of Horizontal Directional Drilling: Innovations to Watch

By Hydrovac Calgary   |   Directional Drilling   |   0 Comments   |   30 October, 2023   |   0

Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) has become an essential technique for installing underground pipelines, cables, and conduits with minimal surface disturbance. With every passing day, better and better Horizontal Directional Drilling Innovations are emerging to improve the precision, efficiency, and capabilities of these drilling systems. Let’s look


Efficient Hydrovac Services for Calgary’s Oil and Gas Industry

By Hydrovac Calgary   |   Hydrovac Excavation   |   0 Comments   |   26 October, 2023   |   0

The oil and gas industry relies on fast, safe, and cost-effective solutions for excavation and construction on production sites. Hydrovac services provide an ideal option. This non-destructive digging method supports efficient operations while protecting buried infrastructure. For oil and gas companies in Calgary, hydrovac services from


Directional Drilling for Fiber Optic Cable Installation in Calgary

By Hydrovac Calgary   |   Directional Drilling   |   0 Comments   |   25 October, 2023   |   0

As Calgary continues expanding its fiber optic network, directional drilling has become an essential technique for underground cable installation. This trenchless method provides a fast, efficient way to bore beneath roads, landscaping, waterways, and other obstacles that traditionally required open-cut trenching. For fiber contractors and internet


The Growing Importance of Hydrovac Services in Calgary’s Green Initiatives

By Hydrovac Calgary   |   Hydrovac Excavation   |   0 Comments   |   24 October, 2023   |   0

As Calgary ramps up environmental sustainability efforts, hydrovac services are playing an increasingly vital role. Hydrovac's non-destructive excavation capabilities provide critical support for green infrastructure projects across the city. This technology's precision and low-impact operation aligns perfectly with eco-conscious construction and maintenance practices. For contractors undertaking


The Importance of Vacuum Truck Maintenance: Ensuring Peak Performance

By Hydrovac Calgary   |   Hydrovac Trucks   |   0 Comments   |   23 October, 2023   |   0

Vacuum trucks are heavy-duty workhorses carrying out critical cleaning and excavation jobs. Like any complex vehicle, proper maintenance is key to ensure reliable vacuum truck operation and prevent costly breakdowns. This article explores the critical components that require regular vacuum truck maintenance. Understanding Vacuum Truck Systems


Hydrovac for Basement and Foundation Excavation Projects in Airdrie

By Hydrovac Calgary   |   Hydrovac Excavation   |   0 Comments   |   19 October, 2023   |   0

Excavating a new home's basement and foundation is one of the most critical steps during construction. Traditional excavation equipment can easily damage underground utility lines around the site. That's why more and more Airdrie home builders are turning to hydrovac services for their basement and foundation


Vacuum Trucks for Municipal Water Tank Cleaning Services

By Hydrovac Calgary   |   Hydrovac Trucks   |   0 Comments   |   18 October, 2023   |   0

Clean drinking water is essential for every community. To maintain water quality and infrastructure, municipalities must regularly service water storage tanks. Vacuum truck services provide the ideal solution for safely and efficiently cleaning municipal water tanks of all sizes. The Need for Water Tank Cleaning Over


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