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Choosing the Right Hydrovac Truck: Key Factors to Consider

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Hydrovac trucks are specialized pieces of equipment used to safely expose buried utilities and perform non-destructive excavation. Selecting the right hydrovac unit involves weighing several key factors from water capacity to vacuum power. Consider the following when choosing a hydrovac for your projects:

Water Tank Capacity

Hydrovac trucks are equipped with large water tanks that feed the high-pressure water jets. Tank capacities range from 500 gallons up to over 1000 gallons. Larger tanks allow for longer continuous operation before refilling is needed. Make sure to select adequate capacity for your runtime requirements.

Debris Body Capacity

The debris body stores extracted slurry and spoil material. Bigger bodies mean fewer trips to dump slurry, so choose higher capacities for large-volume excavation work. Debris bodies range from 6 cubic yards up to 16+ cubic yards. Just ensure legal weight limits aren’t exceeded.

Vacuum Pump Strength

Hydrovac excavation relies on a powerful vacuum to suck up loosened soil and water. The strongest vacuum systems use positive displacement pumps for greater suction power. This enables deeper excavation depths and thicker slurry handling.

Water Pressure Level

Maximum water pressure levels for hydrovac jets typically range from 2000 psi to 5000 psi. Higher pressures allow faster substrate penetration. However, too much pressure risks pipe/cable damage. Assess target soil conditions and excavation goals to pick appropriate psi levels.

Hose Management

Well-designed hose reels improve jobsite safety and efficiency by keeping high-pressure hoses organized. Look for dual hose reels and sufficient hose diameter/length ratings for desired water volumes.

Truck Mobility

The ability to navigate tight spaces and access rear easements expands hydrovacing capabilities. Smaller trucks with short wheelbases provide better mobility than 19,000 GVW units with long debris bodies.

Safety Features

Look for hydrovac trucks with features like hydraulic boom operation, water tank float switches, job site lighting, and reverse cameras. These improve working safety for operators. Carefully inspect maintenance records too.

When selecting hydrovac equipment, balance factors like power and capacity with mobility and safety. Consulting experienced firms like Hydrovac Calgary ensures you get trusted advice and the optimal hydrovac systems for your specific needs.

The team at Hydrovac Calgary can advise on the ideal hydrovac trucks for your projects and excavation needs. Contact us today to learn more!



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