Directional Drilling for Fiber Optic Cable Installation in Calgary

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As Calgary continues expanding its fiber optic network, directional drilling has become an essential technique for underground cable installation. This trenchless method provides a fast, efficient way to bore beneath roads, landscaping, waterways, and other obstacles that traditionally required open-cut trenching. For fiber contractors and internet service providers, directional drilling is enabling large-scale fiber optic projects to proceed faster and with less disruption.

Directional drilling utilizes angled, steerable bores to thread conduit and cable precisely where it needs to go. A specialized rig combines rotary drilling and mud motor technology to drill horizontally or along pre-planned angles. Downhole electronic tracking provides real-time bore path data to keep the drill head on target even hundreds of feet underground. This lets crews easily navigate congested utility corridors.

Fiber optic cables can be directly installed via directional drilling. In most cases, contractors first drill pilot bores, then pull back reamed holes large enough to accommodate conduit and cable bundles. This approach provides reliable protection for the sensitive fiber lines. Various reaming head sizes allow scaling the bore diameter to exactly match project needs.

For Calgary’s internet and telecom providers, directional drilling from Hydrovac Calgary delivers huge benefits for fiber optic builds, including:

– Long, continuous bores under roads and structures

– Minimal disturbance to existing infrastructure

– Reduced permitting requirements versus trenching

– Faster project completion with fewer community impacts

– Ability to traverse waterways, railways, and sensitive areas

– Flexible bore paths to navigate tight spaces

– Simultaneous reamed conduit installation

– Multi-duct conduit systems for future expansion

– Cost-effective installation compared to trenching

With directional drilling optimized for fiber optic network projects, Calgary can rapidly expand connectivity. Service providers utilize this trenchless technology to bring fiber to homes and businesses throughout the region via underground infrastructure.

Directional drilling provides the ideal solution for city-wide fiber optic cable installation. Contact the team at Hydrovac Calgary to implement custom directional drilling services for your next fiber optic project. Their in-house expertise with trenchless installations ensures your job stays on task, and on budget, and minimizes disruption across our community.



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