Hydrovac for Pipeline Maintenance: Preventive Solutions for Calgary’s Infrastructure

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The network of oil and gas pipelines underlying Calgary represents critical infrastructure requiring ongoing inspection and preventive maintenance. When aging pipe segments show corrosion, leaks, or other flaws, rapid response is essential to avoid disruptions or environmental releases. For energy companies and contractors, hydrovac technology provides an ideal solution for non-destructive pipeline exposure for assessment and repairs.

Hydrovac utilizes highly pressurized water to fracture soil and expose buried pipelines. Powerful suction immediately removes the slurry so technicians can access pipe sections. This surgical approach prevents collateral damage compared to risky blind digging around pipelines. Flaws and failures can be addressed promptly before escalating.

With precise hydrovac excavation, crews safely uncover corrosion, dents, cracks, leaky gaskets, and other defects needing repair. Entire sections are exposed for cleaning, testing, and replacement of degraded components. Technicians can also hydrovac to install temporary sleeves and seals at leak sites before full remediation.

During pipeline inspections, hydrovac selectively uncovers small sections for evaluation rather than entire-length exposures. This localizes digging to priority segments based on risk models. Hydrovac remains on site to reopen areas needing repairs after inspection passes.

For installing new tie-ins and valves, the hydrovac performs non-destructive pre-digging to verify other utilities are clear. This prevents accidental line strikes and provides clear access for welding crews. Hydrovac also assists with backfilling and compacting trenches after new line connections.

Additional applications for hydrovac in pipeline maintenance include:

– Exposing pipe for inline inspection (ILI) tool launching/retrieving
– Installing test leads for non-destructive examination (NDE)
– Verifying pipeline locations from as-built drawings
– Cleaning and drying pipe prior to recoating

With hydrovac tailored to their needs, Calgary’s energy sector can pursue proactive pipeline maintenance rather than reactive repairs after failures occur. This supports reliability and safety across local and regional pipeline networks.

Hydrovac Calgary offers 15+ years of experience serving Calgary’s energy and pipeline corridors. Their expertise in hydrovac excavation makes them an ideal partner for any pipeline inspection, repair, or construction project requiring safe exposure to existing infrastructure.



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