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The Dos and Don’ts of Hydrovac Excavation Safety

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Hydrovac safety for workers is an important factor. Hydrovac excavation uses pressurized water and powerful suction to safely expose buried utilities. While safer than traditional digging methods, hydrovac work still requires strict safety protocols to prevent injuries. Follow these dos and don’ts to maintain a secure hydrovac work zone.


DO: Use a designated safety watcher

A dedicated safety watcher must be present to monitor the hydrovac work area. This person can halt work if any dangerous conditions arise. All crew members should understand hand signals and commands.

DO: Establish a safe work zone

Clear all equipment and personnel out of the work radius before activating hydrovac equipment. Mark underground utilities and overhead wires. Set up cones/barricades and signage to keep the public away.

DO: Wear appropriate PPE

Hard hats, steel-toed boots, high-visibility vests, gloves, and safety goggles should be worn by the whole crew, including spotters. PPE protects against flying debris and high-pressure water.

DO: Follow safe operating procedures

Only properly trained personnel should operate hydrovac systems. Never point the water nozzle at people or vital infrastructure. Avoid hosing while the vacuum truck is unloading to prevent slurry discharge.

DON’T: Exceed safe hydrovac pressures

Using excessive water pressure can damage pipes or cables. Most utilities only require up to 2000 psi for safe exposure. Operators should monitor vacuum and flow rates as well.

DON’T: Hydrovac near natural gas lines alone

Natural gas crews should always be on-site to monitor any excavation within 18 inches of gas pipes. Never hydrovac directly above a known gas line.

DON’T: Operate without underground utility locates

Failure to obtain proper underground utility locates puts crew and infrastructure at risk. Locates must be renewed if work extends past their expiry.

DON’T: Allow unauthorized access

Only crew members and oversight personnel should enter the hydrovac work zone. Others could be struck by hose movement or flying debris. Keep the zone secure.

Following Responsible Practices

By adhering to hydrovac safety procedures and responsible operating practices, projects can be completed productively and injury-free.

Operating safely takes proper training and experience. The skilled hydrovac crews at Hydrovac Calgary follow industry best practices to promote job site safety. Contact us today to learn more about our commitment to safe, efficient hydrovac excavation services in Calgary and surrounding regions.



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