Preventing Damage with Hydrovac Services: A Case Study

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When underground infrastructure projects take place in crowded utility corridors, the risk of inadvertent line strikes runs high. One miscalculation during excavation can rupture gas mains, cut data cables, or erode electric lines. Not only does this create safety hazards, but repair costs and delays quickly escalate. The case of a recent gas line project in Calgary highlights how specialized hydrovac services can prevent such damage.

The project involved a new gas distribution main running parallel to existing electric and telecom duct banks. Traditional trenching posed too much risk of a utility strike. Instead, hydrovac excavation exposed the planned route incrementally so crews could hand dig with precision around existing lines.

Hydrovac used pressurized water to gently fracture the soil, loosening an 18-inch wide path to lay the new gas main. The attached vacuum wand simultaneously extracted the slurry. This allowed crews to confirm adequate clearance from other utilities before proceeding. With hydrovac excavating just inches ahead, the new line was installed damage-free.

Halfway through the project, the crews encountered an unexpected electric conduit. Hydrovac quickly exposed the obstruction and allowed the re-routing of the new gas main under it. This responsiveness avoided any construction delays. Hydrovac services remained on site to backfill and compact the trench after completion.

The project manager estimated that hydrovac services prevented well over $100,000 in potential utility damage fines and repair costs. The new gas distribution main was installed four days ahead of schedule.

Key benefits provided by specialized hydrovac services included:

– Real-time utility exposure prevented line strikes
– Obstructions were immediately identified before digging
– No collateral infrastructure damage occurred
– Responsiveness kept the project on schedule
– Backfilling was expertly completed to specification

This case study highlights the value hydrovac services provide in crowded underground conditions. Through precision exposure and responsiveness, hydrovac mitigates safety risks while controlling costs.

Hydrovac Calgary has provided similar hydrovac damage prevention services across Calgary for over 15 years. Their project support will help ensure your next construction undertaking avoids safety and budget pitfalls related to undetected buried hazards. Contact them today to discuss your upcoming excavation challenges.



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