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Trenchless Technology in Calgary: Upgrade Infrastructure With Minimal Disruption

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Expanding and upgrading buried infrastructure in busy cities often requires extensive excavation and disruption. Trenchless technology offers innovative methods of installing and rehabilitating underground pipes and conduits with minimal surface disturbance. As Calgary continues to grow, trenchless solutions will play a key role in maintaining and improving critical systems beneath the streets. Hydrovac Calgary is at the forefront of providing trenchless technology across Alberta, Canada.

What is Trenchless Technology?

Trenchless technology encompasses a variety of underground construction methods that require little or no open-cut excavation. Techniques like pipe bursting, directional drilling, and hydro trenching allow for underground infrastructure work with fewer impacts on traffic, businesses, and the surface environment.

Benefits of Trenchless Construction

  • Reduced disruption to businesses and traffic flow
  • Lower project costs and faster completion times
  • Less noise, dust and emissions
  • No road restoration or repaving required
  • Enhanced worker safety with reduced trench hazards
  • Minimal damage to sidewalks, landscaping or utilities
  • Capability to install new lines under existing structures

Trenchless Technology Applications in Calgary

Sewer and water main replacement

Deteriorating water and sewer pipes can be replaced via pipe bursting to upgrade capacity. New HDPE or PVC lines can be installed with minimal surface impacts.

Fiber optic cabling

Directional boring enables fiber cable installation under roadways with no need for open cutting. This is faster and less disruptive than traditional trenching.

Culvert rehab

Trenchless methods like pipe relining allow repair of aging storm and culvert pipes without excavation.

Gas line installation

Hydrovac and horizontal directional drilling facilitate new gas line placement while avoiding utility conflicts.

Power and telecom upgrades

Techniques like mini bore tunneling install conduits beneath congested urban corridors.

Partnering with Experts

Capturing the many benefits of trenchless technology requires working with experienced engineering firms and specialized contractors like Hydrovac Calgary. They bring expertise in assessing project suitability, proper equipment and techniques, and responsible project execution.

Hydro trenching services in Calgary will play an expanding role, as the city renews its underground networks. The city and private developers are wise to continually adopt these advanced techniques that upgrade infrastructure while minimizing impacts. This allows for a more modern and sustainable Calgary.


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